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Cockroaches and Lizards are everywhere in the house. Sometimes appearing in the middle of the night in search of food. Or do you sometimes hear them in your dustbin searching through your trash. With this trap, you would find it effortless to get them out of your house. 

This trap will help you catch the lizard with the baits and you can let them out in your park without killing them. Check them periodically and place them at the common places that they are residing in your home.

  • How to trap and remove cockroach or lizard in your home ?

    1. Locate the common area or nest entrance.
      For Lizards and Cockroaches,
      i. Cabinet under your sink
      ii. Central refuse chute doorway
      iii. Pipes outlet under sink
      iv. Balcony water pipes
      v. Kitchen area
      vi. Air condition blower unit conduit pipe


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