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COLD MIST can be put to good use where public hygiene is concerned. lts application include spaces not limited to classrooms, canteens, schools, camps, hotels and offices. Frequently used for disinfection in the food industry, livestock and even greenhouses; its other applications include pest control for flying and crawling insects. What differentiates COLD MIST is the flexible hose that allows the operator to reach different angles.
    • Prepare the solution required for the application
    • Always place the container on top of the pesticide mixing mat to absorb any spillage or drips
    • A measuring cup is to be used at all times to ensure chemicals are mixed in the correct proportion
    • Make sure that the plug is disconnected from the power socket.
    • Unscrew solution tank cap for filling
    • Filter funnels reduce unnecessary spillage and prevents choke age of equipment
    • Pour solution into the tank
    • Secure the cap back onto the solution tank
    • Before connecting the power cord to a power socket, make sure the following:-
    • Flow control knob is at close position
    • Switch is set to the off position
    • Aim the nozzle in the desired direction and switch on the unit
    • Adjust the flow control knob to the desired output flow rate.


    Plan your route in a way that the unit draws in as little fog as possible, always leave the treated areas through untreated areas in the exit direction.

    Never leave the unit unattended as it will choke up the unit

    Stopping the unit:-

    • Once fogging is completed,
    • Turn  the control knob to the close position
    • Ensure that no fog is visible before switching off the unit.
    • Empty the solution tank,
    • Fill the solution tank with water
    • Rinse the unit thoroughly by shaking the unit
    • Empty the solution tank
    • Fill the solution tank with water
    • Shake the unit and start the unit
    • Turn on the flow control knob and allow water to flush through the nozzle
    • Turn the flow control knob to the close position
    • Empty the solution tank and fill the solution tank with water again
    • Shake the unit and flush the unit again
    • Then empty the solution tank.  
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